VEMEKEP S.A., aims to preserve as the first place choice for all potential customers, constantly aims to fully respond to market requirements, having as basic values: the perfect legitimate function, continuous improvement of processes and production methods, competitive prices and excellent quality of constructions and services. 

For this reason, the company has created and follows a specific Quality Control System, according to ISO 9001:2015, on which the administration of the company:

 Identifies the key processes and organization of the company.
Sets annual targets for quality.
Monitors the implementation and effectiveness of the system and the individual processes that are implemented.
Captures and evaluates the acceptance and response of customers and employees in the application of the system.
Provides all the required resources for smooth and efficient operation of the quality system and the company in general.
Implements modern methods of internal communication.
Ensures technological robust and safe working environment in the company's personnel.
Implements training and education programs for all workers, with the aim of high technological and scientific level.
Evaluates, promotes and rewards the improvement suggestions submitted.
Promotes total quality system implementation.

The company is committed to the implementation of the quality policy, while ensuring that this policy is known and understood at all levels and applied by all employees, who are trained properly for its implementation. 

In addition, the company has the following certified personnel: 

4 certified welding controllers with liquid penetrant method (level II).
5 certified welding inspectors Visual control (level II).
3 certified welding controllers with magnetic particle method (level II).
3 certified welding inspectors with the method of ultrasound (level II).
40 certified welders.