VEMEKEP S.A. tackles metal constructions since 1983 regarding heavy steel industrial buildings, providing complete solutions for study-design-construction and erection of steel structures for Stadiums, Shopping halls, Logistic centers, Supermarkets, Multi-storey buildings, Oil and gas projects, railway stations, silos, various types of tanks, scaffolding, flour mills, bridges, pylons, conveyor bridges, jetty structures.

Furthermore, the company can manage complex steel structures needing mechanical workshop treatment such as cranes, bridges, mine machines (excavators-trippers-belt conveyors), thermo hydraulic stations (facilities, lignite systems, ash systems, parts of rippers of mills, hydroelectric stations (conductors, lock gates), gas stations (facilities, conductors), spars of wind generators, port cranes, mills e.t.c.                                                       

Particularly, we would like to note that our company in recent years has created heavy mechanical workshop, well equipped with experienced technical staff and high quality CNC-Machines, which are able to serve complex constructions of energy projects. 

In the Energy sector, VEMEKEP SA operates either as a sole Contractor or by participating in project Consortiums with leading companies which produce technological equipment for the implementation of basic construction parts for Production of Power Plants in Germany (Trianel 750MW-AG), (675MW-SIEMENS AG.), (2,000 MW-E.ON. AG). Additionally, we have also worked as Subcontractors for J&P AVAX S.a. for the fabrication of Unit 5 Turbine Building in Cyprus, tanks of different diameters and heights-many other projects such as constructing the power generator bus ducts &  piperacks on the Power plant station of Vasilikos. Moreover, we have also carried repair works of units 4 5 & after the explosion at the naval base, '' Evangelos Florakis ' ' in Mari.

Moreover, our company has been awarded by TERNA S.A. with the fabrication of ducts, partial fabrication of Boiler House, fabrication and complete installation of Lignite and Byproducts Conveyors for Ptolemais V.

Our company has been awarded with the fabrication and erection of second Powerplant in Iraq (Besmaya Phase 3-1.500ΜW) after successful delivery of the first Powerplant in Iraq (Besmaya Phase 2-1.500MW).

Last but not least, our company has successfully undertaken and carried out projects relating to the study-design-construction and erection of integrated systems of conveying machinery equipment, Mining machines (Excavators-Trippers-Complete Conveyor Systems-Bridges-Hoppers etc), Coal/ash/soil handling systems, Mill Crashers, Beeter Wheel Coal Crashers, Gearboxes-ID Fun- Rotary with Blades for ID Fun- Rotary with armor for ID Fun , Bucker Wheels.

Moreover, we have successfully completed conveyor systems for liquid gas in Libya (pipe racks, bus ducts, hangars, shelters).

 Furthermore, we would like emphasize our cooperation with leading global companies operating in the food sector, for the manufacture of integrated production systems-Mills of Flour, Sugar, Pasta and Feed.

VEMEKEP S.A. is certified according to EN 1090, EN ISO 3834-2, EN ISO 9001:2015, EN ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007, DIN2303 and quality assurance procedures are established and followed during all the phases of the works.

Share capital: 11.463.424, 00 €

Registered office: 2nd industrial area of VOLOS

Factory 1st: 2nd industrial area of VOLOS GR-PC: 37500

Factory 2nd: 1st industrial area of VOLOS GR-PC: 38500