Scientific Personnel

Apostolos Kourkouvelos is the President of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer.

The economist Antzouris Dimitrios of the Vice President.

The civil engineer Antzouris Ioannis is the General Manager, Director of the Technical Department, the Studies and Engineering Studies. He is also responsible for the application of technology and implementation of applicable technical regulations in construction and industrial projects.

Antzouris Dimos is the Production Manager.

Accountant Antzouri Evaggelia is the Accounting Manager.

The mechanical engineer George Ragias, is the Technical Director of the Mechanical Workshop. He is also responsible for mechanical machinery maintenance, machining and welding expertise.

The mechanical engineer Andreas Zirdelis is the QA/QC manager.

The mechanical engineer Sotiris Geladaris is Procurement manager.


Technical Section

Financial and administrative services

Quality Control Department


Mechanical engineers: 6
Civil engineers: 6
Architect: 1

Designers: 6
Automatic programmers (CNC) Electronic machinery: 15

Economists: 5
Administrators: 5

Chief Engineer: 1
NDT LEVEL II inspectors: 5
Assistants: 4

Foremen: 12
Skilled craftsmen: 93
Craftsmen: 95
Machinery operators: 2
Mechanical maintainers: 3


The total amount of our employees is: 225 people.

The company has the ability to increase its manpower with exceptional temporary skilled personnel, depending on the specific needs and requirements of various projects.